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Meet the Owners

Tammy LoVerde is a retired police officer for the Village of Carol Stream. With her love of the Village, she decided it would be the best place to open her candy store. Tammy is a creative person who loves to show off her creative skills.

Jody Trenda, Tammy's partner, keeps Tammy in check. Jody is a professional businesswoman and handles all the store's financial affairs. Jody is also very creative so she and Tammy love to bounce ideas off each other.


Together Tammy and Jody use their creativity to create the most delectable delights.


Our History


​Just A Taste Confections was opened in 2015 after perfecting the caramel recipe and finding the best tasting chocolate in the Chicagoland area.


When it came to naming the store, Tammy and Jody were inspired by Tammy's mother, Marian. Marian was a diabetic but loved her sweets. Marian would take a piece of candy, a cookie, or piece of cake, look at everyone, and state, "I'm just having a taste."


So Just A Taste Confections was born.

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